PM threatens Cumhuriyet over interview

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu threatened the daily Cumhuriyet in a public speech on January 28; saying they will call Cumhuriyet (and “the coalition” he claims the daily belongs) to account for publishing an interview with the prosecutor who has started a corruption investigation against the government in December 2013.

“Remember the newspaper who distrubuted the supplement of the magazine which insulted our prophet. It is making interviews about the prosecutor of the era. See what kind of coalition we are facing… We will call account for these” he said.

Davutoğlu: Cumhuriyet’teki Celal Kara röportajının arkasında koalisyon var, bunların hesabını soracağız!

The PM has criticized the Cumhuriyet harshly before for publishing Charlie Hebdo cartoons.

ISIS connection suspected in Kadri Bağdu’s murder

The daily Milliyet reported on January 26 that artisan T.G. who blamed murdered newspaper distribution staff Kadri Bağdu for damaging his shop earlier is a murder suspect in another investigation and believed to be fled to Syria.

A man named Yusuf Güldiren was murdered on October 10, 2014 during riots in Adana. The police have tracked a vehicle believed to be used in the act to the shop of T.G. who has blamed Bağdu for damaging his shop in the same riots.

According to the Milliyet story, the police believes T.G. has fled to Syria with his sibling to join the ISIS. Relatives of the siblings have testified to police that they were worried about being arrested due to Bağdu’s murder.

Kadri Bağdu cinayetinde IŞİD bağlantısı iddiası

Long lists of tweets about MİT trucks, wiretapping blocked in Turkey

“A total of 220 Twitter users were reportedly asked by a criminal court of peace to delete their tweets on January 21” Today’s Zaman reported.

Fuat Avni’ye engellemeden sonra çok sayıda gazetecinin tweetine erişim yasağı geldi

Also, journalist Fatih Yağmur’s story at Radikal website about a judge allowing a wiretapping operation is blocked alongside related tweets.

 Twitter withholds scores of tweets after Turkish court ruling on journalists

Cumhuriyet’s Charlie Hebdo coverage updates

* Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu claimed they have warned the daily about the “sensitivities” of publishing the Charlie Hebdo cartoons. The newspaper’s chair of the ruling board stated that no such interaction took place.

Davutoğlu’nun ‘Cumhuriyet gazetesini uyardık’ açıklamasına yalanlama

* Cumhuriyet reported on January 16 that some news stands are being threatened to not to sell their paper while others refuse to put the paper in display and send the packages back unwrapped.

Gazete bayileri tehdit ediliyor

* Prime Minister Davutoğlu criticized Cumhuriyet once more on January 18 as protests against the daily continued. “Every kind of press freedom is secured in our country but we did not and will not allow the nation’s values to be insulted; yet the holy prophet of a 1,5 billion Muslims” he said.  The PM also criticized the CHP for standing behind Cumhuriyet.

Davutoğlu, Cumhuriyet’i ‘diline doladı’

New possible trial against Birgün editor

Barış İnce, Responsible Editor for General Publication for the socialist daily Birgün, who is on trial with charges of “defamation” and “violation of secrecy” regarding his newspaper’s coverage of corruption allegations against then-Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his son Bilal Erdoğan; may face yet another trial for insulting the president.

The first hearing of the trial was held on October 21. İnce, who is on trial without arrest, has presented a written defense which featured an acrostic; the first letters of the each paragraph read “Tayyip the thief” (Hırsız Tayyip) from top to bottom. İnce has personally stated the existence of the acrostic. Since Erdoğan is now the president; this may mean a new charge of insult and up to four years in prison for the editor; the daily Birgün reported on January 16.

Akrostişli savunmaya hapis istemi

Turkish daily’s tweets about weapons smuggling allegations blocked in Turkey

Socialist daily Birgün’s certain tweets about the allegations about the Turkish National Intelligence Agency (MİT) sending weapons and ammunition to Syrian rebels are blocked in Turkey. People see the following notice if they do not use a VPN service:


There is a court order for the news ban as the 5th Penal Court of Peace of Adana has a verdict that: all kinds of publishing and broadcast about the ongoing investigation in the print, visual and online media is banned. This was announced by the Turkey’s media watchdog RTÜK on January 14.

Twitter’da nokta atışı başladı: BirGün’ün yasaklı MİT TIR’ları belgelerine sansür

Turkey Threatens to Block Twitter Again. Here’s Why

Media Ban on Intelligence-Affiliated Trucks Coverage

Also, a Turkish court ordered a ban for the social media whistleblower Fuat Avni on Facebook and Twitter. Believed to be run by a person or a group of people affiliated with the Hizmet movement, the Fuat Avni accounts leak information about law enforcement activity beside making claims about behind the doors type government rumors.

Court issues ban on access to ‘Fuat Avni ‘ Twitter account linked with Gülenists

Whistleblower Fuat Avni’s social media accounts blocked

Court moves to block whistleblower Fuat Avni accounts on Twitter, Facebook