Developments in the Kadri Bağdu murder

Daily Azadiya Welat staff Kadri Bağdu was murdered in Adana on October 14, 2014.

Online newspaper Radikal published two stories by reporter İsmail Saymaz about the developments in the investigation on January 7, 2015.

The first story, “All neighborhood saw the murderer with the red helmet but the 52 cameras did not,” reports that the police could not find any recording of the motorcycle riding assailant who shot Bağdu on the hard drives of the 52 security cameras at the area despite there are eyewitnesses who saw him before and after the attack. The police also stated that they investigated many motorcycle owners in Adana but found nothing. Bağdu family lawyer Tugay Bek says he does not believe that the murder will be solved. Bağdu was distribution staff for the Azadiya Welat and also distributed the daily Özgür Gündem. Both dailies are pro-HDP/KCK and the family believes the party’s and organization’s fundamentalist rivals committed the murder. Meanwhile, eyewitness claims show that the trigger-man wearing a red helmet and riding a black and red motorcycle was alone. The first reports have claimed that there were two people on the motorcycle.

Kırmızı kasklı katili bütün mahalle gördü, 52 kamera göremedi

The second story, “Do radical Islamists have a hand in the murder of journalist Bağdu,”  is about an artisan blaming Bağdu for damaging his shop during the riots in Adana. There were street riots in Adana on October 6-8 alongside other cities in Turkey regarding Turkey’s Syria policies, especially about the Kobane clashes. The police was questioning people about another murder occurred in Adana during the riots and and artisan identified only as T.G. claimed that Bağdu was among the people who pillaged his shop because he is a religious man. This testimony was given two days before the murder and now is a part of the murder investigation. Lawyer Bek says T.G. owns a motorcycle which fits the description of the model and the color of the motorcycle used as the escape vehicle as seen in the photos on T.G.’s Facebook page.  Bek also claimed T.G. is a fundamentalist who should be investigated as a suspect.

Gazeteci Bağdu cinayetinde radikal İslamcı parmağı mı var?