Charlie Hebdo in Turkish resulsts in ban, threats, unlawful police action

French daily Liberation reported on January 13, 2015 that Turkey’s daily Cumhuriyet will publish this week’s issue of weekly Charlie Hebdo in Turkish; the first issue since the massacre. This resulted in threats in the social and conventional media against the newspaper. As President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan blames the French security forces and others for the Paris massacre, many Muslims in Turkey perceive the massacre as a conspiracy against Islam.

Turkish police came to the printhouse where Cumhuriyet is printed around 01.00 AM on January 14 and halted the trucks until 01.40 although they failed to present a court order to do so. Main opposition party CHP’s deputy Umut Oran asked a parliamentary question to Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu bu which authority the police delays the distribution of Cumhuriyet and other publications printed at that location without a court order. he also reminded the PM the march he attended at Paris and asked did he gave the order for this printhouse raid.

Cumhuriyet dağıtımına yargısız polis baskını

Cumhuriyet’e yargısız baskın TBMM’de

Cumhuriyet Daily Threatened & Raided by Police for Reprinting of Charlie Hebdo Issue in Turkey

Charlie Hebdo cartoons in Turkish press kick off freedom of expression debate

The controversial edition of the Cumhuriyet on January 14 featured four pages of selections from the latest Charlie Hebdo issue but not the cover which featured a caricature of Islam prophet Mohammad. Instead, two columnists had that caricature a s a visual for their columns. These columnists, Ceyda Karan and Hikmet Çetinkaya, receive a lot of threats also, alongside their newspaper.

Cumhuriyet was sold out quickly in the morning but it must be noted that at least some dealers did not put the papers on stands. The daily released a statement in the day; saying that they do not intend to insult anybody’s values but they will continue to defend the freedom of speech.

Three Turkish  satire magazines; Leman, Penguen and Uykusuz published their latest issues also on January 14 with the same cover: “Je suis Charlie” in solidarity with Charlie Hebdo.

Later in the day, a Diyarbakır court issued a ban on the Mohammad caricature.

Mahkemeden ‘Charlie Hebdo’ sansürü

Turkish court rules to block web pages featuring Charlie Hebdo cover

Deputy Prime Minister Yalçın Akdoğan criticized Cumhuriyet on twitter: “We condemn provocations, attacks and defamation against the Muslims and Islamic symbols the same way as we denounced the Paris attacks” & “Those who disregard Muslims’ sacred (values) by publishing images attributed to Holy Prophet are in open provocation”

The daily Milliyet did not publish columnist Mehveş Evin’s piece on Charlie Hebdo. She put it on Tumblr instead.

Internet news sites T24 and toplumsol published the Turkish edition of the Charlie Hebdo issue as a whole in the evening.

T24 publishes full Charlie Hebdo issue

Turkish police took security measures around Cumhuriyet offices from the early hours of the day as these videos show and detained three people at different times through the day. Some fundamentalists have made a call on Facebook to protest Cumhuriyet at 8.30 PM.

Cumhuriyet gazetesi önünde üç gözaltı

Cumhuriyet’e saldırı çağrısı

The protest ended without incident.