Radical nationalists attack radical Islamist daily; shots fired

A crowd allegedly involved with the National Movement Party (MHP) stoned the pro-government extreme fundamentalist daily Yeni Akit’s building during early hours of January 15. Two people from the Yeni Akit staff is reported to be injured while property damage occurred to the building and nearby vehicles. Videos on social media confirm shots were fired during the event but it is not clear who fired on who from where. The protesters claim they were fired upon from the building but the daily denies that. Nobody is seriously injured.

The attacks were caused by the social media debates over the daily Cumhuriyet publishing Charlie Hebdo caricatures. Since the Cumhuriyet is a pro-CHP newspaper known as kemalist, a twitter account using the name of Yeni Akit shared doctored pictures of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (in one he is portrayed as gay and Jewish while in another he is photoshopped to look beaten up) in retaliation.  They obviously wanted to offend kemalists but drew fire from nationalists also.

Yeni Akit defends itself by claiming that that twitter account is not its official one but it is the more active account with more followers. The fundamentalist daily is known to share its more controversial content from that account. Some secularist wings of Turkish nationalists are as sensitive about Atatürk as kemalists; as the attack shows.

Group attacks Turkish daily over alleged insult to Atatürk