Cumhuriyet’s Charlie Hebdo coverage updates

* Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu claimed they have warned the daily about the “sensitivities” of publishing the Charlie Hebdo cartoons. The newspaper’s chair of the ruling board stated that no such interaction took place.

Davutoğlu’nun ‘Cumhuriyet gazetesini uyardık’ açıklamasına yalanlama

* Cumhuriyet reported on January 16 that some news stands are being threatened to not to sell their paper while others refuse to put the paper in display and send the packages back unwrapped.

Gazete bayileri tehdit ediliyor

* Prime Minister Davutoğlu criticized Cumhuriyet once more on January 18 as protests against the daily continued. “Every kind of press freedom is secured in our country but we did not and will not allow the nation’s values to be insulted; yet the holy prophet of a 1,5 billion Muslims” he said.  The PM also criticized the CHP for standing behind Cumhuriyet.

Davutoğlu, Cumhuriyet’i ‘diline doladı’