Turkish daily’s tweets about weapons smuggling allegations blocked in Turkey

Socialist daily Birgün’s certain tweets about the allegations about the Turkish National Intelligence Agency (MİT) sending weapons and ammunition to Syrian rebels are blocked in Turkey. People see the following notice if they do not use a VPN service:


There is a court order for the news ban as the 5th Penal Court of Peace of Adana has a verdict that: all kinds of publishing and broadcast about the ongoing investigation in the print, visual and online media is banned. This was announced by the Turkey’s media watchdog RTÜK on January 14.

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Also, a Turkish court ordered a ban for the social media whistleblower Fuat Avni on Facebook and Twitter. Believed to be run by a person or a group of people affiliated with the Hizmet movement, the Fuat Avni accounts leak information about law enforcement activity beside making claims about behind the doors type government rumors.

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