ISIS connection suspected in Kadri Bağdu’s murder

The daily Milliyet reported on January 26 that artisan T.G. who blamed murdered newspaper distribution staff Kadri Bağdu for damaging his shop earlier is a murder suspect in another investigation and believed to be fled to Syria.

A man named Yusuf Güldiren was murdered on October 10, 2014 during riots in Adana. The police have tracked a vehicle believed to be used in the act to the shop of T.G. who has blamed Bağdu for damaging his shop in the same riots.

According to the Milliyet story, the police believes T.G. has fled to Syria with his sibling to join the ISIS. Relatives of the siblings have testified to police that they were worried about being arrested due to Bağdu’s murder.

Kadri Bağdu cinayetinde IŞİD bağlantısı iddiası