PM threatens Cumhuriyet over interview

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu threatened the daily Cumhuriyet in a public speech on January 28; saying they will call Cumhuriyet (and “the coalition” he claims the daily belongs) to account for publishing an interview with the prosecutor who has started a corruption investigation against the government in December 2013.

“Remember the newspaper who distrubuted the supplement of the magazine which insulted our prophet. It is making interviews about the prosecutor of the era. See what kind of coalition we are facing… We will call account for these” he said.

Davutoğlu: Cumhuriyet’teki Celal Kara röportajının arkasında koalisyon var, bunların hesabını soracağız!

The PM has criticized the Cumhuriyet harshly before for publishing Charlie Hebdo cartoons.