Journalists threatened with assasination

Known journalists Ahmet Şık and Nedim Şener were contacted by the police and told that they are on an assassination list of a terrorist organization according to intelligence they gathered.

Ahmet Şık stated that he does not take the intelligence seriously. He said he has talked to one of the leaders of that organization (THKP/C Acilciler) and ensured that there is no such thing.

Nedim Şener wrote a column on the matter and said he does not see a reason that he would be a target but if the threat is real, it is the police’s duty to protect him.

’AKP-MİT-linked groups may behind of death threats’ say two prominent journalists

‘Insulting’ the president results in dozens of prosecutions, arrests

Internet newspaper reported on February 21 that 64 people have been prosecuted for insulting the president since Recep Tayyip Erdoğan came into the office. These people include minors, university students, political activists and journalists. Some of these are arrested, some are being investigated, some paid fines, some are out on bail.

Diken’s story is based on this document prepared by an academician and a lawyer.

The journalism related incidents are as follows:

Hafize Kazcı, responsible editor for the weekly Sol, was sentenced to 11 months and 20 days for her publication calling Erdoğan a “thief.” The sentence is delayed and the defense will appeal it; Sol reported on February 17.

The possibility of a new trial against Barış İnce, responsible editor for the daily Birgün, for also calling the president a “thief” by an acrostic in his court defense (which was also the front page of an edition of the daily) was mentioned in this post. The case is filed and İnce is now on trial for that also.

The daily Birgün called Erdoğan “a thief and a murderer” once more on its front page on February 17. A criminal complaint is filed for that also which will surely result in another trail.

Ekrem Dumanlı, chief editor of the daily Zaman, faces an investigation for insulting the president.

Can Dündar, recently attended chief editor of the daily Cumhuriyet, is also facing an investigation regarding an interview he made with the prosecutor who filed a corruption investigation against the government on December 2013.

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