Mehmet Baransu detained again, his house searched

Journalist Mehmet Baransu is detained once more and his house is searched by the police on March 1. The numerous previous detainments of the journalist were about not answering court calls to testify but this may be different. According to first reports, Baransu is being investigated regarding the alleged “Sledgehammer” coup plan which he broke first as a story and then delivered documents to Turkish prosecutors. This has led to a major controversial trial which resulted in arrests of many high ranking military officials who were released last year.

Journalist Baransu detained after 12-hour-long search of home over Sledgehammer case

Gülenist Baransu detained again

Gözaltına alınan Baransu’nun ilk açıklaması: Adliyeye belge teslim ettim diye örgüt kurmaktan yargılanıyorum