Dogan Media under fire by government remarks, criminal compliant, fine

Dogan media and its flagship publication the daily Hürriyet has been targeted by the government by threats, criminal complaints and fines.

The AKP media has been accusing Doğan Media and its honorary chairman Aydın Doğan with a number of things for the last months. Pro-AKP columnist Cem Küçük has been among the ringleaders of this campaign:

Doğan media group lashes out at pro-gov’t daily for slander

Former Egypt leader Morsi having sentenced to death last week was reported on Hürriyet’s website with the headline: “execution for the president who was selected with 52%” and since Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was also elected with the same percentage he criticized the daily harshly; arguing that the Dogan group wants him executed. Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu also joined Erdoğan in the criticism. Hürrriyet responded with the following statement:

Hürriyet’s address to the Turkish president

Newspaper targeted by Erdoğan over Morsi headline retorts: Will you banish us?

Also recently, PM Davutoğlu and the AKP media has accused Hürriyet with a defemation campaign against a political party. Hürriyet Chief Editor Sedat Ergin has responded as such:

Is Hürriyet responsible for Akşener case?

Moreover, a AKP lawyer filed a criminal complaint; demanding the arrests of Hürriyet editors:

Hürriyet daily, website editors face arrest over Morsi headline

Lastly; Hürriyet was sentenced to pay Eroğan 20.000 TL on May 21 due to a column they published last year.

Top Turkish newspaper fined for insulting Erdogan