Erdoğan targets NYT once more

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is going after the New York Times once more; following their solidarity statment with the daily Hürriyet and the editorial which criticized him.

NYT supports Hürriyet over Erdoğan’s remarks in editorial

Editorial: Dark Clouds Over Turkey

Turkey’s Erdogan calls New York Times ‘shameless’ after critical editorial 

Erdoğan blasts New York Times: ‘Who are you? Know your place’

Turkey’s Erdoğan continues verbal assault on New York Times

AKP’s English daily Sabah answered the NYT editorial with one of their own:

Turkish parliamentary elections, 2015

Also, it is reported today that Erdoğan has personally ordered a honorary citizenship ceremony for former NYT journalist Stephen Kinzer.

Erdoğan cancels Kinzer’s honorary citizenship over critical article