Cumhuriyet faces terrorism investigation, news ban over MİT trucks story

Today’s headline of the daily Cumhuriyet was about new evidence on the claims on the National Intelligence Agency (MİT) sending arms and ammunition to Syria in disguise of humanitarian aid: “Here are the guns which Erdoğan has said did not exist.” The headline story resulted in an immediate terrorism and espionage investigation against the daily and the prosecutors also demanded a news ban about it. The prosecution also stated that the investigation will include all the media organs to use the story.

Turkish daily probed over scoop on Syria-bound intelligence trucks

Turkish Daily Accuses Govt. of Sending Arms to Syria Rebels

MİT TIR’ı görüntülerini yayınlayan basın kuruluşlarının tamamına ‘casusluk’ ve ‘terör’ soruşturması!

Also, Cumhuriyet Chief Editor Can Dündar, who has his byline on the story, is included to the investigation regarding the trial on the security personnel who have halted the trucks.

Can Dündar, MİT TIR’larını durduran askerlerle ilgili soruşturmaya dahil edildi