Erdoğan demands life sentence for Cumhuriyet Chief Editor

As reported before, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made a personal criminal complaint regarding Cumhuriyet Chief Editor Can Dündar and the daily itself for their story about the MİT trucks transporting weapons and ammunition to Syria. The details of the complaint was reported in Turkish press today.

Erdoğan’s complaint filed through his lawyer features the charges : “founding a criminal organization,” “violation of secrecy,” “obtaining data regarding state security,” “political and military espionage,” “revealing information that is suupsed to stay secret” and “attempting to influence a fair trial” according to the related clauses of the Turkey’s penal code. The complaint demands one life sentence without the possibility of parole (the highest punishment since Turkey has abolished the death penalty), one life sentence and an additional 42 years in prison according to reports.

Can Dündar hakkında ağırlaştırılmış müebbet istiyor!

Erdoğan files criminal complaint seeking life sentence for editor Dündar

Meanwhile, Cumhuriyet’s Acting Board Chair Akın Atalay stated that there is one reason Erdoğan made a personal complaint when there are two investigations (one by Adana and the other by Istanbul prosecutor offices) already started about the story and that is giving the judiciary a message for punishing Dündar for certain.

Cumhuriyet cevapladı; Erdoğan neden soruşturma varken suç duyurusu yaptı, Davutoğlu’yla fikir ayrılığı mı var?