MİT filed criminal complaint against Odatv

The National Intelligence Agency (MİT) has filed a criminal complaint against the internet news website Odatv for publishing an interview with one of their former agents who is currently a prison convict on the run. An investigation is ongoing due to the complaint.

According to the story published in Odatv today; the MİT demanded the interview to be removed from the website and Barış Pehlivan (Odatv Chief Editor), Ömer Ödemiş (the journalist who did the interview) and Önder Sığırcıkoğlu (the former agent) to be punished with prison sentences.

Sığırcıklıoğlu has spoken to Odatv about Turkey governments alleged secret operations in Syria. Pehlivan testified to the prosecutors today in scope of the started investigation and said: “What an intelligence agent says under his own name and with his photograph taken is considered news everywhere in the world.”

Odatv’ye MİT soruşturması