Journalist investigated over story on deaths caused by security forces

Journalist Ismail Saymaz of the dailies Radikal and Hürriyet is being investigated over a story he wrote about a cop killing a citizen during detainment. The investigation started over the compliant of the cop with the charges: “influencing those who do judicial duty” and “violating the secrecy of  private life.” İzzet Doğan, responsible editor for the web sites of the two dailies mentioned above, is also investigated alongside Saymaz. The mentioned story is about the police shooting a robbery suspect as he tried to run from them. The police claims the suspect was armed but the video recordings prove otherwise.

Saymaz is facing another similar investigation about a similar story over the complaint of a solider who allegedly killed a Smuggler near the Iran border of Turkey.

“Kurşunlu Gözaltı” Haberinden Saymaz ve Doğan’a Soruşturma