Journalists briefly detained for asking question to governor

Four journalists (Evrensel correspondent Hasan Akbaş, daily Cumhuriyet columnist Pınar Öğünç along with Özlem Topçu and Deniz Yücel, of German newspapers Die Zeit and Die Welt) were briefly detained on June 16 in Şanlurfa after the governor was irritated at a press conference by their questions. The press was there to report the refugees entering Turkey from Syria. Apperantly, facts that  the journalists found by talking to the refugees were different than what the authorities want to be reported. The governor has said the Kurdish forces in Syria were driving the civilians away from their homes while the refugees were running away from ISIS.

Öğünç has described the event in her column and said The governor did not like the questions of Akbaş and Yücel about the ISIS and their colleagues’ persistence to guard him from detainment resulted in two more detainments. The journalists were released shortly afterwards.

Four journalists briefly detained over ‘irritating’ question in Turkey’s southeast