Ahmet Şık on trial for ‘insulting’ former minister

Daily Cumhuriyet Journalist Ahmet Şık is on trial for “insulting” former Transportation Minister Binali Yıldırım with his latest book “Paralel Yürüdük Biz Bu Yollarda” (We walked these roads in parallel). The book is about the relations of the Hizmet Movement and the Justice and the Development Party (AKP). Şık faces a prison sentence up to 2 years and 8 months if found guilty.

Yıldırım has filed a complaint about the book on March 6, the indictment was written by the prosecution on May 22 and the first hearing will be at the Istanbul Second Court of First Instance on October 13. The prosecutor wants the journalist punished by the 125/1-2-3(a) and 53 numbered amendments of the Turkish Penal code.

Gazeteci Şık’a “Paralel Yürüdük” Kitabından Dava