Deputy PM assaults opposition dailies, 10 news websites blocked in Turkey

Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç said live on Habertürk TV Friday evening:

“… I am not done yet. I came with a file in hand but we are out of time. Let me show you. A lot of dailies, including Özgür Gündem and Evrensel; let me not name the others… they are crime machines. They would be drowning in punishment if we have sued them. They use terms that praise the actions of the terrorist organization. They write columns under some names. But if we have sued them they would use these trials too. They would write the same things again.”

Arınç, Evrensel ve Özgür Gündem’i hedef gösterdi

Meanwhile, a Turkish court blocked access to ten pro-Kurdish and/or socialist new sites from Turkey Friday evening. These are:

Fırat News Agency, Dicle News Agency, Hawar News Agency, the daily Özgür Gündem, Yüksekova News, and RojNews alongside Rudaw which is pro-Barzani and BasNews which is a Kurdish news agency based in Erbil.

Kürt haber kaynakları karartıldı: Mahkeme kararıyla erişim engeli