Pro-AKP media bashes critical media, hints crackdown

Following the raids to the companies and media organs of the pro-Hizmet  Koza İpek Holding on September 1, pro-AKP journalists hinted that other business groups with media organs will be targeted as well.

Abdurrahman Dilipak, columnist for the extreme Islamist and pro-AKP daily Akit, wrote: “you do not have to be an oracle to guess Zaman, Samanyolu and other medias are next” in his column on September 3. He also noted that Doğan Holding would be included in this crackdown as well.

Abdurrahman Dilipak, diğer medya gruplarına da operasyonun sinyalini verdi

The lead article of September 3 edition of the daily Sabah, the major daily of the AKP media, was targeting Koç, Sabancı and Eczacıbaşı holdings alongside Doğan. Mehmet Barlas, head writer for the Sabah, blamed these groups for being anti-AKP and supporting terrorism. “Will you be awakened to the truths of the country in a prison cell?” Barlas wrote.

Koç, Sabancı, Eczacıbaşı ve Doğan’a açık tehdit..!

Last but not least, pro-AKP daily Yeni Şafak had this as its lead story in the front page today: “The triangle of terror, oil and Doğan.” The story accused Doğan holding with supporting terrorism through his media organs and other companies. The holding released a statement today and said the claims are fictional.