Dutch Journalist is detained once more in Turkey; others harassed, hurt

Frederike Geerdik, a Dutch journalist who in January was acquitted by a Turkish court of writing propaganda for Kurdish militants has been detained in southeast Turkey “for her own safety” due to fighting in the area, a Turkish official said on Sunday.

Turkey says Dutch journalist detained “for her own safety”

There are several other reports about local journalists being briefly detained by law enforcement in eastern Turkey since the clashes between the PKK and Turkey began in recent weeks. The security forces is harassing journalists according to other local reports.

JİNHA muhabiri Tekin serbest bırakıldı

Muhabir Bayhan serbest bırakıldı

Pro-Kurdish JINHA news agency reporter was mildly hurt by police shootings in Diyatbakır on Sunday according to reports. Other reports from current weeks also have mentioned journalists being hurt while reporting cklashes.

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