Hürriyet building stoned, journalists threatened

Daily Hürriyet’s Istanbul headquarters was pelted with stones by a group of pro- Justice and Development Party (AKP) supporters early on Sept. 7. The attackers were  reported to be angry about president Erdoğan being “misquoted” while commenting over a recent attack on the Turkish military by the PKK. Abdülrahim Boyunukalın, an AKP deputy was among the protesters.

VIDEO: AKP MP vows to ‘make Erdoğan president whatever election result is’ during attack on Hürriyet

Pro-government protesters pelt daily Hürriyet building with stones

Attack on Hürriyet building marks ‘black page’ for Turkey’s democracy

Hürriyet Dünyası’na saldırının adım adım detayları

Later, a protest occurred at the Zaman offices which is not so far from the Hürriyet building. A small group chanted slogans and insults before disassembling; reports say.

 AK Partili bir grup Hürriyet Gazetesi’ni bastı