Nokta editor detained, released by court

Nokta Magazine Responsible Editor Murat Çapan is just detained by Turkish police with accusations of “insulting the president” and “making propaganda of a [terrorist] organization.” The magazine was raided last night and the police has confiscated the copies of the 18th issue with a Recep Tayyip Erdoğan photomontage on cover.

Nokta’nın yazı işleri müdürü gözaltına alındı

Çapan was later transferred to court by the prosecution with a demand for his arrest but the court released him with the condition of judicial control.

Nokta dergisi yazı işleri müdürü “adli kontrol” şartıyla serbest bırakıldı

Nokta raided, distribution halted over mocked-up selfie of Erdoğan

Nokta released the defense of their editor and the order of the court.

Mahkeme, Sorumlu Yazıişleri Müdürümüz Murat Çapan’ı serbest bıraktı