In the Aftermath of the Nokta raid

NOKTA’da dün neler oldu?

“It is never possible to consider insulting the presidential office within freedom of expression,” Presidency Spokesperson İbrahim Kalın told reporters at a press conference on Sept. 15 in response to questions concerning the raid on the magazine on Sept. 14. “Attacking the presidential office to score small political goals with small political estimations is not politics. Trying to become the center of attention by attacking the presidency and our president’s personality and his family is not journalism. It is often just common activism or militarism,” Kalın added.

Saray’dan Nokta’ya baskın açıklaması

Nokta reported that news stories on websites and platforms such as  Diken, Odatv, Meydan Gazetesi, İnternet Haber, Yeni Yön , Zaman and Hürriyet are blocked from access within Turkey. The official website of the magazine is unreachable without the use of a VPN as well.