Series of attacks against Doğan Media crowned with criminal investigation

The recent serial events of verbal and physical attacks against Doğan Media by pro-government circles is finally crowned by a criminal investigation on September 15 for making “terrorism propaganda” for the outlaw pro-Kurdish group PKK. Ironically, Doğan Media and its flagship publication the daily Hürriyet have been criticized for being anti-Kurd (it says “Turkey belongs to the Turks” on the logo of Hürriyet) and pro-state for many years before their relations with the AKP went sour.

The pro government media and AKP officials have been criticizing and threatening Doğan Media and its employees on a constant basis since the last general elections in which the leading administration could not hold onto the power thanks to the legal pro-Kurdish party HDP stealing the Kurdish vote from them. These acts included accusations of supporting terrorism,  death threats,  attacking the Hürriyet building two days in a row, and  hints of a crackdown to come.

A recent video of AKP parliamentary deputy and supreme board member Abdurrahim Boynukalın shows him in front of the daily Hürriyet. A previous video has presented him during the mob assault against the building; swearing allegiance to Erdoğan. In this second video, Boynukalın speaks to the members of the mob and says they should have “beaten down” the journalists before.

Footage shows AK Party deputy saying Hürriyet Editor-in-Chief Ergin should have been beaten

VIDEO: AKP MP complains of ‘not beating’ Hürriyet journalists in past

Hürriyet’i basan vekil Boynukalın: Bizim hatamız bunlara dayak atmamak olmuş

As for the investigation, Bakırköy Chief Prosecutor İdris Kurt (allegedly a close ally of Erdoğan according to the leaked tapes during to what is currently known as the December 17-25 process) used the pro-AKP media’s reports claiming Doğan Media supports terrorism and started a criminal investigation. The prosecutor’s claims are based on absurd points such as not blurring the dead bodies of soldiers and blurring the dead bodies of alleged PKK militants. Interviews made for Doğan Media group member organs are also recognized as supporting terrorism.

Doğan Medya Grubu’na ‘terör propagandası’ soruşturması

Doğan Medya yetkilileri hakkında soruşturma

’Terrorism’ probe launched into Doğan Media for not blurring slain soldiers’ images

Prosecutor launches probe into Doğan Media Group for ‘terror propaganda’