Columnist detained in Izmir, Arrested in Istanbul

Gültekin Avcı, columnist for the daily Bugün and lawyer, was detained by Turkish police in Izmir on September 18 and arrested by an Istanbul court on September 21.

Avcı and seven police personnel were detained in Izmir and Istanbul by anti-terror police on the 18th and they (all but one cop who was released after police questioning) were brought to Istanbul according to reports. The on-duty court was the 2nd Istanbul Court of Penal Peace which the suspects were transferred with a demand of arrest by the prosecution. The court arrested Avcı and 3 others. There is no known date for trial. The charges against Avcı are attempting to overthrow the government, founding and running a terrorist organization and obtaining secret documents of the government.

The columnist is sent behind bars pending trial in scope of the investigation publicly known as “Selam Tevhid.” Avcı is a former prosecutor and a part of the legal team that defends Samanyolu Broadcast Group Chair Hayrettin Karaca who was arrested in a former operation in this investigation.