Harassment, death threats remains an issue for journos in Turkey

Socialist news portal sendika.org reported that their correspondent Bora Balcı was abducted by an unknown group of people, threatened at gunpoint about his work at a remote location and then let go.  Balcı has said the men told him details about his daily life to inform him that he is being watched.

Sendika.Org muhabiri kaçırılıp silahla tehdit edildi

DİHA reported that their correspondent Gökhan Altay was beaten by the police at the funeral of a PKK militant in Hakkari. Several such reports of police harassing, manhandling or directly hurting journalists at eastern Turkey have been visible since the clashes between the PKK and the state began anew.

 DİHA muhabiri Altay özel harekatçıların saldırısına uğradı