Koza-İpek media staff resists police takeover as broadcasts are stopped

Kanaltürk and Bugün TV broadcasts are stopped today around 4.30 PM local time in Istanbul by the police. The Koza-İpek staff resisted to not to allow the police in the building which resulted in battering and use of tear gas and pressurized water by the authorities as can be seen in this video. Bugün TV continued its broadcast from the control room until the police entered there also and stopped them. Several Koza-İpek staff are battered and/or detained for resisting the police.

Turkish police raid critical media HQ, shut down live broadcast

Bugün TV, Kanaltürk taken off air after İpek Media Group seizure

The timetable of events and more videos according to Bugün can be seen in the story below

Turkish police storm offices of critical media group, fire tear gas, detain journalists

Short updates from Turkey (Oct 20-28)

  • A leaked video from February, featuring Presidental Advisor Mustafa Varank discussing pro-Hizmet channels to be removed from the TURKSAT sattelite with pro-government journalists at a TV studio has surfaced.

Video showing censorship plan by Erdoğan’s chief advisor sparks outrage

Jurists call for legal action against Erdoğan’s adviser for media censorship plot

  • After confiscating the undistributed issue of the Nokta magazine with the Erdoğan selfie cover, blocking access to noktadergisi.com, blocking access to a story about leaked meeting notes from the AKP officials, the government practiced “preliminary censorship” on Nokta by presenting a court order that what kind of news they will not be able to report. The mentioned meeting notes were part of a series but Nokta reported on October 21 that they received a court order that says they cannot continue to publish the alleged notes. Nokta also stated that the police confiscated their magazine’s latest issue from some central newsstands in Istanbul without a court order.

Nokta Dergisi’ne yönelik baskılar basın tarihinin görmediği yeni bir boyuta yükseldi

  • Hürriyet reported on October 24: 12 news websites were blocked from access in 4 days. As listed below:


Dört günde 12 haber sitesine erişim engeli

  • Diken reported: A trial started against police officer S.G. for breaking the nose of Dicle News Agency (DİHA) reporter Feyyaz İmrak as he was covering a protest event. The cop is on trial without arrest and faces a year of imprisonment if found guilty and pleads not guilty.

DİHA muhabirinin burnunu kıran polisin bir yıl hapsi isteniyor

  • Regarding the latest developments in the Hrant Dink murder case:

Dink murder indictment returned to prosecutor for including Dinç as suspect

Intelligence unit is temporizing the Dink investigation with fabricated reports

25 years sought for police chief in Dink murder indictment

Gülenist police chiefs face life sentence over Dink murder

Former police intel chiefs face up to 25 years in jail over Hrant Dink murder

  • Cem Küçük, pro government journalist who is famous for threatening colleagues and recently questioned by the police regarding the attack on Ahmet Hakan did it again. Küçük threatened CNNTürk news presenter Nevşin Mengü with ending her journalism career. Küçük has testified that his previous threats to Hakan were “irony,” not threats. During a daytime live TV debate, Küçük claimed Hakan has published his adress and other private information in his column (not true) and Mengü showed that newspaper clip on CNNTürk. “Mengü will see… I will end her life in media” Küçük said. Mengü said she welcomes the challenge.

Cem Küçük Bu Sefer de Nevşin Mengü’yü Tehdit Etti

Turkey government silences critical media before election

Turkish court ordering a government takeover of a holding that houses critical media outlets Mondat resulted in protests for silencing the opposition days before the general elections according to local reports.

Koza-İpek Holding was raided by the police early September with terrorism allegations. The holding owns critical media organs such as Bugün TV, the daily Bugün, Kanaltürk TV and the daily Millet. Koza-İpek and its media organs are accused of allegiance with the alleged terrorist organization FETÖ/PDY (Fethullah Gülen Terrorist Organization/Parallel State Structure) as it is named in related court documents. The leading Justice and Development Party (AKP) used to had a close relationship with the religious Hizmet Movement led by cleric Fethullah Gülen but the two have been uneasy with each other in recent years and became fierce enemies since the alleged corruption scandal in December 2013; popularly known as the “December 17/25 process.”

The 5th Ankara Penal Court of Peace ordered the seizure of the management of the Holding on Monday; reports say. Protests by employees and supporters have resulted in the police using tear gas during the takeover. The opposition parties of Turkey, foreign officials, the Journalists Union and several press NGOs have protested the action; in consensus of the observation that this is a violation of press freedom.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s former adviser and speechwriter; AKP Parliamentary Deputy Aydın Ünal said on live television that other critical media organs’ “turns will come” after the November 1 elections. The deputy said there is “pressure over Turkey” with the claim of “there is pressure against the press” currently, but he promised the voters that they will go after the dailies Sözcü, Cumhuriyet and other critical media after November 1.

Turkish journalist detained in Greece

Turkish journalist Güliz Vural is detained on the Lesbos island of Greece while documenting the people smugglers; according to her husband Fatih Vural; who is also a journalist. According to Fatih Vural’s tweets; Güliz went to Lesbos on a refugee boat and detained by the police afterwards on October 17.

Fatih tweeted that the police is treating them and his wife good but she could not be brought in front of a judge dues to the busy schedule of the Lesbos court.  The defense expects the journalist to be released and deported after testimony which will be on Wednesday.

Gazeteci Güliz Vural, insan kaçakçılığını belgeleyen röportaj için gittiği Midilli’de gözaltına alındı


Journalist detained, released

Bianet reported: “Aydınlık newspaper’s Journalist Mehmet Faraç who is also a TV Host at Halk TV was detained at 5 a.m. today in a hotel that he stayed in Adana province of central Turkey.”

Journalist Mehmet Faraç Detained

According to reports in Turkish; there was a criminal complaint about two of Faraç’s columns from two years ago. Faraç said he has written about a cleric school principal who allegedly beat a student. Faraç added that the police could have called him to testify in Istanbul where he lives. The journalist believes being detained five in the morning at the hotel he was staying in Adana is an attempt of intimidation.

Gazeteci Mehmet Faraç serbest bırakıldı

Short updates from Turkey

A British woman who was working as the Iraq director for the Institute of War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) has died in an Istanbul airport, the Foreign Office has confirmed.

British activist Jacky Sutton found dead in Istanbul airport

İngiltere, Gazeteci Sutton’ın Atatürk Havalimanı’nda Öldüğünü Doğruladı

VICE reported: A Belgian television network was threatened by the government after a reporter asked the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan a question about Mohammed Ismael Rasool, the VICE News journalist who has now been imprisoned in Turkey for seven weeks.The incident, all caught on camera, caused a storm in Belgium and prompted the European Federation of Journalists to report the Belgian government to the European Council for “intimidation.”

Reporter Threatened for Asking Turkish President About Jailed VICE News Journalist

The Ankara 6th Criminal Court of Peace has lifted a five-day media ban on the deadly Oct. 10 Ankara bombing upon a request from the Ankara Chief Prosecutor’s Office; HDN reported.

Court lifts media ban on Ankara bombing

Armed assault on pro-gov media boss, accusations, confidentiality order

“Star Media Group Chairman Murat Sancak has been attacked on Thursday by gunmen. Sancak survived unscathed from the attack. Two assailants, who were reportedly wearing masks, have opened fired on Sancak’s car and fled the scene immediately” the daily Sabah has reported on August 20.

Star Media Group Chairman Murat Sancak attacked by gunmen in Istanbul

Despite Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has said the attackers were apprehended in a live TV interview weeks later; this was not confirmed. However, opposition leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu said the PM said the same thing to him too. Reports from October 12 say.

Kılıçdaroğlu asks PM to reveal details of attack on Star Media Group CEO

Then, it was claimed that the attack was related to a gambling debt of Sancak.

Questions deepen over attack on Star Media CEO

Columnist Özkök claims Star Media CEO lost $12 million via gambling

Is Erdoğan the guarantor behind media boss’s gambling debts?

Three arrests were made on October 15

3 arrested over attack on pro-gov’t Star Media CEO

Police says perpetrators of attack on Turkish media group head ‘related to criminal group’

And most recently, a confidentiality order is brought over the investigation

Confidentiality order issued for drive by shooting of pro-gov’t media chairman

Short updates from Turkey

Since it is expected of Turkey to produce a news ban for every major disaster or slaughter, the Ankara bombing got one too but this time the ban included “criticism” also, not just news coverage. Some dailies refused to recognize the ban but there were incidents that guests on live TV political debate shows were hesitant on deciding what they can say and what not.

Hürriyet Daily News reported:

“A media ban on the investigation into the twin bombings in Ankara on Oct. 10 has been criticized by politicians from the three opposition parties and jurists, while the Ankara Bar Association took legal action against the ban.An Ankara court issued on Oct. 14 a broad media ban including “all kinds of news, interviews, criticism and similar publications in print, visual, social media and all kinds of media on the Internet” covering the investigation into the deadly attack in the capital on Oct. 10.”

Media ban on Ankara blasts widely criticized

Both investigations against columnist Hasan Cemal for insulting the president are discontinued. The prosecutors of the both investigations came to the conclusion that Cemal’s related columns are within the boundaries of freedom of expression.

Gazeteci Hasan Cemal’e ‘Erdoğan’a hakaret’ten takipsizlik: İfade özgürlüğü

Another insulting the president investigation is started against the daily Evrensel for using a visual comparing Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to Lords of the Rings character Gollum.


“Access to the web link of a report by the Nokta weekly, which reveals the minutes of a high-level meeting of the Justice and Development Party (AK Party), was blocked upon an order from the AK Party, which has also launched an internal investigation to find out the identity of the mole who disclosed the information to Nokta” Today’s Zaman reported.

AK Party blocks access to leaked meeting minutes, seeks mole

Short updates from Turkey

The bloody attack at Ankara on Saturday resulted in a news ban and a brief social media blocking.

Ankara terror attack: Turkey censors media coverage of bombings as Twitter and Facebook ‘blocked’

Turkey orders temporary media ban after deadly suicide bombing, internet access reportedly limited

Ankara’daki saldırıya yayın yasağı!

Cihan News Agency just reported that Reuters correspondent Fırat Yüce was detained by police in Diyarbakır where curfew is in effect and clashes between Kurdish locals and the police are ongoing.  According to Cihan, the police detained Yüce because he was taking pictures with his phone. This video shows the detainment.

Reuters muhabiri Yüce, gözaltına alındı

Another platform cancels broadcasting pro-Hizmet channels.

Teledünya allegedly removes critical TV stations from air

Teledünya’dan skandal Bugün TV ve Kanaltürk kararı