More criminal investigations against critical journalists

Criminal investigations were started against columnists Ayşe Hür (Radikal) and Selahattin Duman (Hürriyet) for “making propaganda of a terrorist organization” via a tweet and a column.

Hür tweeted against the Turkish military bombing PKK in Iraq and and Duman has written about the families of fallen soldiers say they are happy that their son is a martyr because they receive 100.000 TL compensation.

The investigations were started via a complaint bu a retired police officers’ association.

Ayşe Hür ve Selahattin Duman’a ‘terör örgütü propagandası yapma’ soruşturması

Meanwhile, a second investigation in one month has been started against columnist Hasan Cemal for “insulting the president” and the columnist offered testimony about it on September 30

Hasan Cemal’e Erdoğan’a hakaretten 2. soruşturma