One arrest regarding the attack on Ahmet Hakan

One suspect is arrested regarding the attack on journalist Ahmet Hakan.

One arrested, six released in investigation into attack on Hürriyet columnist

Three of the attackers were AKP members, now discharged.

AK Parti: 3 saldırgan üyemiz çıktı, ihraç ediyoruz

Pro-government journalist Cem Küçük, who has publicly threatened Hakan before, is going to be questioned by the prosecutors.

Ahmet Hakan’a ‘İstesek sinek gibi ezeriz’ diyen Cem Küçük’ün ifadesi alınacak

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan prior to setting out for France, Belgium, and Japan held a press news conference at the Atatürk Airport State Guesthouse. “My press agent called him. He expressed our thoughts on this matter and ‘get well’ wishes. We are against violence. Our attitude towards especially freedom of press as of our Prime Ministry term has always been evident. Hopefully all media organs display the same sensitivity and don’t say ‘help’ only when it happens to them. May they show the same sensitivity when it comes over the others too,” said Erdoğan as to the assault against Ahmet Hakan.

Arrestment in Assault against Journalist Ahmet Hakan