VIDEO – Turkish police threatens journalist at gunpoint

A video of a cop threatening a journalist at gunpoint to not to take pictures became viral on Sunday. Özgür Gün TV correspondent Murat Demir and Dicle New Agency (DİHA) correspondent Serhat Yüce were briefly detained in Silvan district of Diyarbakır for violating a curfew. In the video, the police shouts at the journalists to not to take pictures or video and they reply that they won’t. However, one cop was not satisfied with their answer and put a gun to Yüce’s head before detaining him.

Yüce later spoke to Bianet and said he thought the cop was going to kill him at the spot. Demir said they were just sitting at the forecourt of the municipal building when the police reminded them of the curfew. The journos also said colleagues from the semi-official Anatolia News Agency (AA) and the pro-government İhlas News Agency (İHA) are always on the streets despite the curfew so they thought they could do it too. Yüce and Demir were fined 208 TL each for violating the curfew.

It is reported that the cop who threatened the journalists did the same to a parliamentary deputy of the pro-Kurdish HDP before.

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