Short updates from Turkey

The bloody attack at Ankara on Saturday resulted in a news ban and a brief social media blocking.

Ankara terror attack: Turkey censors media coverage of bombings as Twitter and Facebook ‘blocked’

Turkey orders temporary media ban after deadly suicide bombing, internet access reportedly limited

Ankara’daki saldırıya yayın yasağı!

Cihan News Agency just reported that Reuters correspondent Fırat Yüce was detained by police in Diyarbakır where curfew is in effect and clashes between Kurdish locals and the police are ongoing.  According to Cihan, the police detained Yüce because he was taking pictures with his phone. This video shows the detainment.

Reuters muhabiri Yüce, gözaltına alındı

Another platform cancels broadcasting pro-Hizmet channels.

Teledünya allegedly removes critical TV stations from air

Teledünya’dan skandal Bugün TV ve Kanaltürk kararı