Short updates from Turkey

Since it is expected of Turkey to produce a news ban for every major disaster or slaughter, the Ankara bombing got one too but this time the ban included “criticism” also, not just news coverage. Some dailies refused to recognize the ban but there were incidents that guests on live TV political debate shows were hesitant on deciding what they can say and what not.

Hürriyet Daily News reported:

“A media ban on the investigation into the twin bombings in Ankara on Oct. 10 has been criticized by politicians from the three opposition parties and jurists, while the Ankara Bar Association took legal action against the ban.An Ankara court issued on Oct. 14 a broad media ban including “all kinds of news, interviews, criticism and similar publications in print, visual, social media and all kinds of media on the Internet” covering the investigation into the deadly attack in the capital on Oct. 10.”

Media ban on Ankara blasts widely criticized

Both investigations against columnist Hasan Cemal for insulting the president are discontinued. The prosecutors of the both investigations came to the conclusion that Cemal’s related columns are within the boundaries of freedom of expression.

Gazeteci Hasan Cemal’e ‘Erdoğan’a hakaret’ten takipsizlik: İfade özgürlüğü

Another insulting the president investigation is started against the daily Evrensel for using a visual comparing Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to Lords of the Rings character Gollum.


“Access to the web link of a report by the Nokta weekly, which reveals the minutes of a high-level meeting of the Justice and Development Party (AK Party), was blocked upon an order from the AK Party, which has also launched an internal investigation to find out the identity of the mole who disclosed the information to Nokta” Today’s Zaman reported.

AK Party blocks access to leaked meeting minutes, seeks mole