Columnist sentenced for insulting minister, dead columnist received disclaimer, chief editor investigated for reporting CHP

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s lawyer sent a disclaimer to the daily Cumhuriyet regarding a May column of Cüneyt Arcayürek who died in July 23.

Cumhuriyet yazarı Cüneyt Arcayürek, ölümünden üç ay sonra ‘tekzip edildi’ 

“An investigation has been launched into the editor-in-chief of the Meydan daily, Levent Kenez, who has been accused of insulting Erdoğan in a news story that quoted remarks by Republican People’s Party (CHP) deputy Muharrem İnce” Today’s Zaman reported.

Meydan editor-in-chief investigated for quoting remarks of opposition deputy

“Sözcü daily columnist and former news anchor Uğur Dündar was sentenced 11 months and 20 days in prison for insulting former minister Binali Yıldırım in his column” daily Bugün reported. The sentence is delayed by the court. In te same report, Bugün also wrote: “Another indictment, seeking up to four years and eight months of prison time, was prepared for web portal Odatv Editor-in-Chief Barış Pehlivan over allegedly insulting Erdoğan’s children Sümeyye and Bilal.”

Gov’t cracks down on four critical Turkish journalists for defamation

Short updates from Turkey

The prosecution has objected to the release of the six out of seven suspects regarding the investigation on the attack on journalist Ahmet Hakan. The higher court rejected the appeal on Wednesday.

Ahmet Hakan Saldırısında 6 Kişinin Tutuklanması Talebine Ret

Pro-government Sabah and its sister publication the Daily Sabah in English accused the rival media group Doğan with being hypocritical about press freedom due to the insult and defamation complaints Aydın Doğan has filed against pro-government journalists. “Journalists critical of Aydın Doğan and media groups including Daily Sabah’s parent company Turkuvaz Medya face a barrage of lawsuits by the media magnate and his news outlets seeking the imprisonment of journalists in a move criticized for hypocrisy as Doğan complains about the lack of press freedoms” Daily Sabah argued.

Doğan Media Group under fire for efforts to imprison journalists

“The nine suspects who were sent to court over the allegations that they deliberately neglected intelligence that led to the 2007 murder of Hrant Dink, a renowned Armenian-Turkish journalist, have been released on Thursday” daily Sabah reported.

Court releases nine detainees in Armenian-Turkish journalist Hrant Dink murder case

“Daily newspaper Sözcü’s Necati Doğru has become the latest journalist in Turkey to be found guilty of “insulting President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan,” sentenced to 11 months and 20 days in jail” Hürriyet daily News reported. The sentence is transformed into a monetary fine.

Another journalist sentenced to 11 months in jail for ‘insulting’ Erdoğan

‘Erdoğan’a hakaret’te bugün (2): Sözcü yazarı Necati Doğru’ya 11 ay hapis cezası

Journalist almost arrested, banned from foreign travel

“An İstanbul court on Thursday rejected a prosecutor’s request to imprison Today’s Zaman Editor-in-Chief Bülent Keneş on charges of insulting President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The court instead placed him under judicial supervision and banned him from leaving the country” Today’s zaman reported.

Journalist Keneş barred from travel abroad in Erdoğan ‘insult’ case

Another digital platform bans pro-Hizmet TV channels

Today’s Zaman reported: “Joining two other similar platforms that previously banned critical media in a government-backed move, Digital satellite platform Digitürk announced on Thursday that it has stopped the broadcast of TV stations Bugün TV, Kanaltürk, Shaber and Samanyolu, which are known for their critical stance towards the government.”

Digiturk removes critical TV stations from air ahead of election

Short updates from Turkey

Pro-Kurdish News Agency JINHA reported that their correspondent Filiz Zeyrek was briefly “kidnapped” by the police in Seyhan District of Adana. The police did not detain the journalist but questioned her in a moving car for half an hour and took her pictures according to the report. The jpurnalist was let go after the intimidation attempt.

Adana’da JİNHA muhabiri polis tarafından kaçırıldı

Journalist Sedef Kabaş was acquitted of “menace” and “targeting public officials involved in counter-terrorism” charges due to her tweet about a Turkey prosecutor at the first hearing today.

Turkish journalist acquitted in case into tweet critical of corruption prosecutor

Suspects in the case into the beating of Hürriyet columnist Ahmet Hakan have confessed that a former police officer offered them 100,000 Turkish Liras to attack the journalist.

Suspects say offered 100,000 liras for attacking Hürriyet columnist Ahmet Hakan

Daily Zaman Chief Editor Ekrem Dumanlı resigned.

Daily Zaman editor-in-chief resigns over ‘pressure on press, personality’

Aydın Doğan, the founder and honorary chairman of Doğan Holding, has said that Turkey’s largest media group “does not have to be pro-government,” amid rising pressure and violence targeting the company and its workers.

I’m an independent publisher, I don’t have to be pro-gov’t: Aydın Doğan

More criminal investigations against critical journalists

Criminal investigations were started against columnists Ayşe Hür (Radikal) and Selahattin Duman (Hürriyet) for “making propaganda of a terrorist organization” via a tweet and a column.

Hür tweeted against the Turkish military bombing PKK in Iraq and and Duman has written about the families of fallen soldiers say they are happy that their son is a martyr because they receive 100.000 TL compensation.

The investigations were started via a complaint bu a retired police officers’ association.

Ayşe Hür ve Selahattin Duman’a ‘terör örgütü propagandası yapma’ soruşturması

Meanwhile, a second investigation in one month has been started against columnist Hasan Cemal for “insulting the president” and the columnist offered testimony about it on September 30

Hasan Cemal’e Erdoğan’a hakaretten 2. soruşturma

One arrest regarding the attack on Ahmet Hakan

One suspect is arrested regarding the attack on journalist Ahmet Hakan.

One arrested, six released in investigation into attack on Hürriyet columnist

Three of the attackers were AKP members, now discharged.

AK Parti: 3 saldırgan üyemiz çıktı, ihraç ediyoruz

Pro-government journalist Cem Küçük, who has publicly threatened Hakan before, is going to be questioned by the prosecutors.

Ahmet Hakan’a ‘İstesek sinek gibi ezeriz’ diyen Cem Küçük’ün ifadesi alınacak

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan prior to setting out for France, Belgium, and Japan held a press news conference at the Atatürk Airport State Guesthouse. “My press agent called him. He expressed our thoughts on this matter and ‘get well’ wishes. We are against violence. Our attitude towards especially freedom of press as of our Prime Ministry term has always been evident. Hopefully all media organs display the same sensitivity and don’t say ‘help’ only when it happens to them. May they show the same sensitivity when it comes over the others too,” said Erdoğan as to the assault against Ahmet Hakan.

Arrestment in Assault against Journalist Ahmet Hakan

VIDEO – Turkish police threatens journalist at gunpoint

A video of a cop threatening a journalist at gunpoint to not to take pictures became viral on Sunday. Özgür Gün TV correspondent Murat Demir and Dicle New Agency (DİHA) correspondent Serhat Yüce were briefly detained in Silvan district of Diyarbakır for violating a curfew. In the video, the police shouts at the journalists to not to take pictures or video and they reply that they won’t. However, one cop was not satisfied with their answer and put a gun to Yüce’s head before detaining him.

Yüce later spoke to Bianet and said he thought the cop was going to kill him at the spot. Demir said they were just sitting at the forecourt of the municipal building when the police reminded them of the curfew. The journos also said colleagues from the semi-official Anatolia News Agency (AA) and the pro-government İhlas News Agency (İHA) are always on the streets despite the curfew so they thought they could do it too. Yüce and Demir were fined 208 TL each for violating the curfew.

It is reported that the cop who threatened the journalists did the same to a parliamentary deputy of the pro-Kurdish HDP before.

Polisin Kafasına Silah Dayadığı Gazeteci Serhat Yüce Anlatıyor

Gazetecilerin başına silah dayayan polis HDP’li vekili de tehdit etmiş: Kafana sıkarız

Kafasına silah dayadıkları gazetecilere bir de para cezası kestiler!