Hürriyet fires two journos to not to upset Erdoğan

Bianet reported: “Hürriyet daily has laid off two journalists because of the image titled “Curse of Friday the 13th” on hurriyet.com.tr, and apologized to President Erdoğan.”

The website of Hürriyet prepared a photo gallery on the superstition of Firday the 13th. The editors carelessly used a Jesus  and his disciples photo montage with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in it; eating chicken. This cost the two journalists their jobs immediately and Hürriyet stated a written apology.

Hürriyet Apologizes to Erdoğan, Lays Off Two Journalists

Kurdish journalists briefly detained in Istanbul

Öykü Dilara Keskin and Ceren Karlıdağ, two journalists from pro-Kurdish news agency JİNHA (Women’s News Agency) were detained while covering the protests against the G20 Summit in Turkey last weekend alongside some protesters. The journalists were covering the protests near the German and British embassies in Istanbul on Saturday.

JINHA muhabirleri gözaltına alındı

The journalists were released in a few hours but it was reported that the document prepared by the prosecutor’s office labeled JİNHA as an “illegal agency” and the authorities confiscated the journalist’s press cards with this as justification. The journalists refused to sign the release document due to this and claimed their testimonies were not written properly on the document either.

İlk kadın haber ajansı JİNHA ‘illegal’miş!

Meanwhile, citizen journalism platform DokuzSekiz’s reporter Metin Cihan tweeted that the police detained him in Antalya while covering the summit on Monday.

Hizmet TV and radios removed from TURKSAT sattelite

Samanyolu TV Europe, Mehtap TV, Samanyolu Haber, Yumurcak TV, MC TV, Dünya TV, Tuna Shopping TV, Irmak TV, Samanyolu TV Turkey, MC EU, Ebru TV, Samanyolu Africa, Samanyolu Haber Radio, Burç FM, Radyo Mehtap, Dünya Radyo, Radyo Berfin, Radyo Cihan are no longer broadcasted on TURKSAT.

Hizmet Movement’s blog wrote: “The broadcast of the TV channels and radio stations were removed from the state-owned Turkish Satellite Communications Company (Türksat) infrastructure in a government-backed decision as of 12 a.m. Saturday.”

Samanyolu becomes latest victim of gov’t crackdown on critical media

Legal action is taken against the decision as Today’s Zaman reported: “An Ankara administrative court has asked the state-owned Turkish Satellite Communications Company (Türksat) to submit a defense for dropping a total of 13 TV and radio channels including Samanyolu TV, Mehtap TV, S Haber and Radio Cihan that are critical of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party).”

Court demands TÜRKSAT’s defense over ban on critical channels

Press organizations slam Türksat TV platforms after removal of 7 TV channels

It is also claimed that 600 people may lose their jobs due to this decision and the Samanyolu TV administrators sold the Samanyolu Broadcasting Group building in Ankara at $6.5 million.

Two Kurdish journalists arrested over social media posts

It was reported that a group of 10 journalists were detained and harnessed in Van on Friday where clashes between Kurdish rebels and security forces are ongoing as many other eastern and southeastern cities of Turkey.

Reporters from DİHA, İMC TV assaulted and detained by police

Van’da On Gazeteciye Gözaltı

While the names of the 10 journalists were not listed in the press properly, it was reported on Saturday that two journalists from the group were arrested while the others were released.

According to Bianet, İdris Yılmaz (Dicle News Agency/DİHA) and Vildan Atmaca (Women’s News Agency/JİNHA) were arrested on Saturday. Yılmaz is accused of insulting President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan by sharing a caricature of him on social media while Atmaca is accused of terrorism propaganda for sharing the photograph of a Kurdish journalist killed by the ISIS.

DİHA ve JİNHA Muhabirleri Tutuklandı

Two reporters for DIHA and JINHA remanded in custody

Reporters arrested for ‘insulting’ Erdoğan, ’terrorist propaganda’ in eastern Turkey

Journalist detained, released after questioning

Journalist Fatih Yağmur, known for exposure of alleged MİT trucks in Syria, was detained in Adana and released after prosecutor questioning. The journalist were asked about the MİT trucks. Yağmur announced that he is free from his twitter account.

Fatih Yağmur serbest bırakıldı

Award-winning journalist Fatih Yağmur briefly detained in Adana

Detained Journalist Yağmur Released

Follow up: Koza-İpek takeover

The circulation and ratings of the Koza-İpek dailies and televisions dropped significantly after the takeover.


Daily Bugün’s circulation dropped to around 5000 from the level of nearly 70000 while Bugün TV lost its usual top 3 placement at news’ ratings.

Circulation of seized dailies sinks after trustee appointment

Meanwhile, Diken reported that all the past columnists’ archive of the daily Bugün was deleted from the database.

Follow up: The attack on Ahmet Hakan

Today’s Zaman reported: “The attackers of journalist Ahmet Hakan Coşkun have implied the involvement of elements of the Turkish state — including the intelligence agency and the police — and a shady organization said to be linked to the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) in the planning of the assault against him, according to their statements to the police, which were published on Tuesday.”

Account by journalist’s assailants points to shady links in attack

Short updates November 6-12

‘Terrorism’ investigation against 26 Kurdish jouros and writers

According to Today’s Zaman, “twenty-six journalists — including editors-in-chief, editors and columnists — from two dailies and a news agency have given statements to a public prosecutor at the Istanbul Courthouse” The investigation is about claims of “propaganda” favoring the illegal Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

Investigation against 26 Journalist and Columnists

26 journalists testify in court over promoting terrorist PKK

26 Gazeteci ve Yazara Soruşturma