Alternative dailies published instead of confiscated ones stopped by court

Following the Koza-İpek takeover, dozens of journalists working at the dailies Bugün and Millet have lost their jobs.

Trustees dismiss 71 journalists after unlawful İpek Media Group seizure

The fired journalists have started to publish “Özgür Bugün” (Free Bugün) in print on October 30 as a reaction.

Kayyuma Karşı “Özgür Bugün”

“Özgür Millet” followed on November 1.

Özgür BUGÜN’den sonra Özgür MİLLET de yayınlarına başladı

Interest in new Özgür Bugün, Özgür Millet dailies surges

However, the trustees filed a criminal complaint against this action and an Istanbul court banned the websites and social media accounts of the dailies on November 4.

İki Gazeteye Yayın Yasağı

Access to newly established Özgür Bugün daily website blocked