Kurdish journalists briefly detained in Istanbul

Öykü Dilara Keskin and Ceren Karlıdağ, two journalists from pro-Kurdish news agency JİNHA (Women’s News Agency) were detained while covering the protests against the G20 Summit in Turkey last weekend alongside some protesters. The journalists were covering the protests near the German and British embassies in Istanbul on Saturday.

JINHA muhabirleri gözaltına alındı

The journalists were released in a few hours but it was reported that the document prepared by the prosecutor’s office labeled JİNHA as an “illegal agency” and the authorities confiscated the journalist’s press cards with this as justification. The journalists refused to sign the release document due to this and claimed their testimonies were not written properly on the document either.

İlk kadın haber ajansı JİNHA ‘illegal’miş!

Meanwhile, citizen journalism platform DokuzSekiz’s reporter Metin Cihan tweeted that the police detained him in Antalya while covering the summit on Monday.