Most recent ‘insults’ to Erdoğan

Diken reported that a trial is started against their reporter Tunca Öğreten and novelist/columnist Perihan Mağden for insulting the president with an interview. Öğreten has interviewed Mağden and she has said President Erdoğan was “acting like cornered wild tiger, a wild animal.” Both face 1 to 4 years imprisonment if convicted. Mağden has told the prosecutor that her words were not meant as insults. The first hearing is on May 12. ‘Erdoğan’a hakaret’te bugün (2): Bir söyleşi nedeniyle Diken muhabirine dava

Bianet reported: “Investigation has been launched into Cumhuriyet daily cartoonist Musa Kart over complaint by Presidency Secretary General on the basis of the article 301 of the Turkish Criminal Law… According to the report of Cumhuriyet daily, it has been demanded to take legal actions against Kart on charges of “defaming the president” as well as “insulting the Turkish Nation, State of the Republic of Turkey and the institutions and organs of the state” regulated in the Article 301 of TCK. Kart has been summoned to İstanbul Court to give testimony as a suspect.”

In the mentioned caricature, Erdoğan is flying a judge as a kite as it symbolizes his tight grip and influence on Turkish judiciary.


Investigation into Cartoonist Musa Kart over Insulting State

Bu karikatüre 301 soruşturması

Lastly, and most weirdly, four journalists are to be tried for insulting the president because their morning news show has used video from an opposition party’s rally and a banner that read “murderer Erdoğan” appeared on screen.

HDN reported: Broadcaster faces charges for ‘insulting president’

“An indictment has been prepared against television channel Kanal D on the grounds that it insulted the president by showing a banner that appeared during a Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) election during one of its morning programs.

The Bakırköy Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office demanded five years and four months in prison for “Kanal D Haber Günaydın” program presenter İrfan Değirmenci, chief news editor Süleyman Sarılar, news editor Fevzi Yeniçeri and news editor Ali Ekber Aydın for insulting the president.

A banner that read “Murderer Erdoğan” appeared two or three times in the background during a HDP election rally in Germany on Sept. 30, 2015, according to the indictment”

Cihan News Agency also reported: Kanal D faces legal proceedings over ‘Murderer Erdoğan’ banner