Armed assaults on pro-AKP dailies’ offices

Two pro-government dailies had their Istanbul offices simultaneously attacked with guns and Molotov cocktails. Nobody is hurt. Nobody is in custody. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan prematurely claimed that those who have condemned the attacks on the Hürriyet offices last year (which were followed by a terrorism investigation) will be silent about these recent attacks.

Today’s Zaman: “The İstanbul headquarters of the pro-government Yeni Akit and Yeni Şafak newspapers were simultaneously attacked with firearms and Molotov cocktails early on Thursday.” Pro-gov’t Yeni Şafak and Yeni Akit dailies simultaneously attacked

Daily Sabah (video): “Masked assailants have reportedly attacked the headquarters of Yeni Şafak and Yeni Akit dailies with Molotov cocktails in Istanbul early Thursday.” Masked assailants attack headquarters of Yeni Şafak and Yeni Akit dailies in Istanbul 

Bianet: “In the morning around 5 a.m. (February 11) an attack has been carried out with molotov bombs and gun shootings on the buildings of Yeni Akit and Yeni Şafak Newspapers.” Attack on Yeni Akit, Yeni Şafak Newspapers

Hürriyet Daily News: “IPI said that the attacks appeared to be the result of a hostile climate created by government officials’ rhetoric targeting critical media outlets and ongoing impunity for those behind attacks on the offices of daily newspaper Hürriyet and one of its columnists last fall ahead of a bitterly contested snap parliamentary election.” Two pro-gov’t newspaper offices in Istanbul vandalized by gunmen

Yeni Şafak: “Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has strongly condemned the attacks on the headquarters of Turkish Yeni Şafak and Akit daily newspapers.
Erdoğan targeted the parties, previously overreacted on the brawl in front of another Turkish daily newspaper Hürriyet and remained silent after the recent attacks.
“I have my eyes on some newspapers whose windows were previously broken during a brawl, not a conclusion of attacks and also some terrorist organizations’ supporters who throw these newspapers from the dais because they don’t like their editorial policies,” Erdoğan said” Erdoğan condemns attacks on Yeni Şafak and Akit dailies