Rohat Aktaş missing, Mazlum Dolan detained

Azadiya Welat News editor Rohat Aktaş is still missing, presumed dead at the basement he took shelter in Cizre alongside others. Local reports say over 150 dead bodies were recovered from the area but about two dozen were identified as most were burned beyond recognition.

‘Rohat defended the unity of all people’ (JINHA)

167 dead bodies retrieved to hospitals from Cizre (JINHA)

Dicle News Agency (DİHA) reporter Mazlum Doğan was trapped at a basement just like Aktaş but in Sur District of Diyarbakır. He has been at the area for 80 days according to DİHA and has notified the agency that he was pinned in place due to the ongoing clashes on February 17. Doğan was taken out of the hot zone by the security forces and got detained on the 19th. He is yet to be released or transferred to court for arrest.

Latest news from Mazlum Dolan (DİHA)

Sur’da mahsur kalanlardan Mazlum Dolan gözaltına alındı (BBC)