Kadri Bağdu murder remains unsolved

The murder of Azadiya Welat staff Kadri Bağdu back in October 2014 remains unsolved. The investigation case dossier was kept secret by a court order until last month got classified in the “unsolved murders” after that; daily Evrensel reported.

Unsolved cases with no suspects or progress in the investigation get a “permanent search order” which in practice it means they are shelved as cold cases.

Lawyer Tugay Bek said they will take the matter to the consideration of the Constitutional Court as the Bağdu family legal team and they are sure Bağdu is killed by ISIS related militants.

Bek told Evrensel that the court order for secrecy was removed due to their appeal on January 7; they demanded a copy of the investigation dossier on January 11 and the case was shelved on January 12.

Bek said the murder is definitely a terrorism related act but the authorities insist on treating it as a regular murder case.

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