A new documentary: Persona non Grata

Produced by P24, directed by Tuluhan Tekelioglu, Persona non Grata tells the story of Turkey’s journalists today.

PERSONA NON GRATA English subtitle

The documentary received some criticism by journalists, including those who was interviewed for it. Basically, some journalists said the documentary is putting the fired journalists with the “media elite” (Doğan Media honorary chairman Aydın Doğan, former Habertürk Chief Editor Fatih Altaylı and former Milliyet Chief Editor Derya Sazak) in the same basket. Journalists Ahmet Şık and Tuğçe Tatari has said they were interviewed as journalists who were fired from their jobs and the “elites'” victimhood is very different from theirs. The documentary was also criticized for turning a blind eye to the troubles of the socialist and Kurdish media organs and journalists.