Short updates from February so far

Erdoğan and Davutoğlu make fun of press freedom on press day

The president and prime minister of Turkey decided to mock the journalists on “working journalists day,” a press day exclusive to Turkey, on January 10.

Erdoğan said the media must be independent.

Erdoğan underscores diversity, freedom of press on Working Journalists’ Day

Davutoğlu said they are the guarantee of press freedom.

“I want to express that freedom of press and expression is essential for me. The practice of these freedoms in a democratic country like Turkey is vitally important. We are the strongest guarantee of this freedom as a government which has its signature under great reforms for expanding the fields of freedom since 2002. Everybody should know that, beyond the people’s right to be informed, journalism is not forcing certain tutorship centers’ agenda over the country. I want to underline that misusing freedoms and especially making propaganda of terrorism and terrorist organizations is not within the scope of journalism.”

Davutoğlu: Özgürlüklerin kötüye kullanılması ve terör propagandası gazetecilik değildir!